Corporate Trainings & Auditing Program

The Lieb team offers tailored training packages to companies from small businesses publically traded corporations. We package these trainings as tailored offerings for new employee modules and interactive workshops for senior management. In training your team, Lieb focuses on behavioral change outcomes through our offering of both formative evaluations (prior to implementing the training throughout the enterprise) and outcome effectiveness evaluations coupled with company audits (to measure the degree that the program is increasing legal compliance). These evaluations optimize your results and also offer the extra advantage of serving as terrific defensive evidence in prospective litigation.

Topics and Services

  • Agency Disclosure for Real Estate Salespersons Training
  • Dealing with the Regulator Training
  • Hostile Environment Annual Audits
  • Deceptive Advertising & Marketing Training
  • Property Manager Liability Training
  • Title Regulatory Compliance and more…
  • Americans with Disabilities Act & Commercial Real Estate Training
  • Compliance audits and rent overcharge analysis